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mardi 2 novembre 2010 09:52

For those who are interested,  Imagine Cup 2011 will be in the USA. You find more information in www.imaginecup.com ! or you can contact some former EPT students who participated at Imagine Cup 2008. I remember: ...

  • {cb_profile=bahsouna}Hassen ben Ayed{/cb_profile}
  • {cb_profile=@7med}Ahmed Zairi{/cb_profile}
  • {cb_profile=Hich}Hichem Boussetta{/cb_profile}
  • {cb_profile=BGM}Mehdi Ben Gorbel{/cb_profile}
  • {cb_profile=waelus}Wael Guechai{/cb_profile}
  • {cb_profile=Ahmed_Timoumi}Ahmed Timoumi{/cb_profile}
  • {cb_profile=arbiz}Arbi Ben Ali{/cb_profile}
  • ...

Good Luck
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0 # Ahmed TIMOUMI 02-11-2010 11:21
There is also Abderazzek BOUFAHJA one of the main and maybe the biggest contributor to our team. So if you are not sure of the whole list don't mention anyone. Amicalement
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0 # Hassen BEN AYED 02-11-2010 11:45
I wasn't a team member. I was among the organizers with Abbes CHAKCHOUK and Nidhal BELAYOUNI

For the members, there's also Saifedine BELHADJ
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0 # Zyed BOUZARKOUNA 04-11-2010 11:38
Il a bien dit "SOME OF". Des commentaires du genre "if you are not sure of the whole list, do not mention anyone", j'arrive pas a les comprendre... L'objectif de l'info est de donner des pistes aux intéressés et non pas de rendre hommage aux anciens qui ont participé. Pareil amicalement
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0 # Hassen BEN AYED 04-11-2010 11:47
J'ai participé à compléter la liste.
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Mahdi Ben Ghorbel
0 # Mahdi Ben Ghorbel 07-11-2010 11:54
I participated in Imagine Cup'2008. It was a very nice experience. I encourage the students to try their chance. It's a very enriching experience in many sides (computer programming skills, team work, communication,...)
It's also very important that our university will be present in such competitions to ameliorate its image in Tunisia and in the world.
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